Carbon Neutral Online Event

Global Entrepreneurship Summit

11th - 13th March, 2022

Climes partnered with the Entrepreneurship Cell - IIT Kharagpur to make their online summit carbon neutral. Each person that attended this event contributed to making it carbon neutral - through the purchase of their ticket.

How did we do this?

With some help from the organiser and little more from climate warrior attendees

We asked the organisers some basic questions

1. How many people are expected to sign-up for the event?
2. How many of these are expected to actually attend the event?
3. How many hours would the event last?
... and so on!

Applied reliable true-costing methods

Based on this data and certain assumptions, we calculated the total amount of carbon emissions released by this event.

Upon deeper analysis of our result, we were able to determine the carbon footprint of each individual attendee.

Empowered attendees to support the planet

Every attendee of the Global Entrepreneurship Summit '22 neutralised 10 kg of CO2e from the event through the purchase of their ticket.

In doing so, they collected 10 Climes - which they could use to support a certified carbon avoidance or removal project of their choice, from the Climes portfolio.

The Success Story

The event's estimated footprint was 20.26 tonnes.
The attendees were able to neutralise 75% of the event's carbon emissions.
1518 tickets
The total number of tickets sold for GES'22
15,180 kgs
of carbon dioxide (or equivalent) was neutralised from Earth's atmosphere/ oceans

These 15,180 kgs of carbon emissions were neutralised
by these carbon projects