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Choose to compensate the footprint of your order
Either partially or fully, for a fraction of the total order value


Support projects that rejuvenate the planet
By restoring biodiversity, reversing land degradation, and more near you
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170,000+ kgs of emissions neutralised.
16,000+ people

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A small way to start giving back to our environment. Great going Climes
Aditya Kumar
Neutralised his MMT flight journey
June 17, 2022
Trying my best to give back to the environment as much as possible thanks to Climes and team.
Suyog Shivakumar
Neutralised his MMT flight journey
June 16, 2022
Carbon-neutrality is the need of the hour for corporations to holistically reduce their carbon footprint! Super stoked to have closely worked on this partnership with
Eishaan Bahuguna
Worked on Climes Integration with MMT
June 10, 2022


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