Anirudh Gupta

Born at
359 ppm
Lives in
my average Monthly emissions
1.3 tonnes of carbon
My Climate Icon
David Attenborough
Decarbonisation Projects I Love
Mangroves, Kelp, Seaweed Farming
my climate 'tipping point'

2016, got climate curious, and started looking for + adopting sustainable practices into my immediate ecosystem. Found the ripple effect of it so powerful, it blew my mind and gave an aha insight that 'sustainability' can become a default choice and each of can play our part in fighting the climate crisis.

solving for climate means

Adopting small enough to do, big enough to matter choices that don't fundamentally take away from who you are, but help create positive micro-changes a day at a time.

sustainable practices
i'm proud of

Segregating my e-waste, putting out a box to hold onto it for 6-months at a time, and bi-annually calling a recycler ( to come pick it up + dispose off it in a responsible way.