Carbon Neutral Weddings

The Wedding Brigade

Feb-May 2022

Climes partnered with The Wedding Brigade to offer their customers a.k.a. grooms / brides-to-be, the option to neutralise the carbon emissions from their wedding.

This partnership ended owing to TWB being acquired.

How could couples neutralise?

The Wedding Brigade added 'SUSTAINABILITY' as a link in their main header.

Couples could learn more about the impact their wedding had on our planet and could opt-in to partially or completely neutralise their wedding's footprint.

We asked the couples some questions about their wedding

1. Where is the wedding taking place?
2. How many functions do they plan on having?
3. How many guests are expected?
... and so on!

Applied reliable true-costing methods

Based on this data and certain assumptions, we calculated the total amount of carbon emissions released by the wedding festivities.

Couples could setup a call with us for a more in-depth conversation, in order to get higher accuracy on their results.

Empowered couples choose the planet

In addition to helping the planet, the bride also got featured on TWB's Instagram.

Couples that neutralised 100% of their emissions also received a gift hamper of sustainable goodies.

The Success Story

Each couple received a carbon neutral stamp that they could use.
Upon choosing a project to support, they even received a certificate.
couples chose to carbon neutralise their wedding
26.25 tonnes
of carbon dioxide (or equivalent) was avoided/ removed from Earth's atmosphere/ oceans

These 26.25 tonnes of carbon emissions were neutralised
by these carbon projects