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We democratise access to carbon finance for small-scale landowners, and leverage technology to generate high-quality credits
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Rigorously verified carbon reduction solutions that

Increase Forest Cover
Solutions that restore biodiversity, revive degraded forest lands, and increase green cover
Increase Soil Carbon
Solutions that nourish the soil through sustainable agriculture and regenerative land management

Technology to solve bottle-necks.
Not for the sake of it.

Geospatial Imaging

Precise monitoring through geo-spatial data

Remote sensing for specialised use-cases

Digital Data Feed

Proprietary Apps for ground-level data

Corroborated through on-ground verification

Automated Reporting

Up-to-date individual project pages

Monthly updates to users

Climes Verified

Established registries or independent projects, every carbon reduction project goes through a rigorous evaluation process
Only solutions that cannot be financed without the benefits of carbon markets
Only solutions that credibly demonstrate evidence for long-term CO2 storage
Only solutions that endorse and implement scientific and transparent methods
Climate ++
Only solutions that additionally generate social benefits for communities & reinforces sustainability

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